Saturday, May 26, 2007

because my life is completely uninteresting as of now, i have decided to give you a peak at what lance and i look like these days. i am still the pasty white girl that occasionally wears thrift store tshirts out to the bar, and yes, i still can be caught with a part down the center of my hair(this however by the request of lance is becoming less of an occurance for me, i am slowly switching to the left side). lance, as you can see is still looking fine as ever with his now "long" hair and occasional polo style shirt (by the request of me). other than these slight changes in our appearance we are both doing quite all right. this was such a lame post, but can you blame cable and internet were shut off yesterday because i am moving next week. i promise my next post will be worth reading...ha!
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

my friend erin sent me this tshirt the other day. the shirt has all of the hawaiian islands as well as individual cities labled on it. now when someone asks me where my parents live i can just point somewhere below my left boob!..ha. if anyone else wants one, it is from j crew!
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Thursday, May 03, 2007

I taught Piper to be a good nurse and listen to Bozo's heart! She also listened to cute.

Piper likes to eat her apples "like a boy", this means without having them cut up.

After tucking in her babies, Piper wanted me to tuck her in. I had so much fun visiting and I can't wait to go back...hopefully later on this summer so I can help with the new baby too!!!
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