Thursday, December 27, 2007

There is no place like home

Aunt Betsy, Piper and "Dirty" kitty in bed watching "the little mermaid". Life doesn't get much better than that!
Twim "one eyed monsters", now thats livin!
Dad and his new Hawaii worthy Harley Davidson sweatshirt...looking good dad!
Hottie with her "Man and Machine 2008"'s the simple things in life.
Jayme and I proud to be holding up our crabs..ha...Check out those pinchers!!!!

Piper and Nola Part 2

Naked santa.......lovely!
"All I got for Christmas was my two front teeth"....oh, I got some batteries too.
awww, a book all about "Piper" the dog. Very cute!!
Piper the fairy tale princess singing....."Her name was Nola...she was a showgirl"....ha!

Piper and Nola part 1

Because I have so many pictures of my nieces , and because they are so cute....I have decided to post in 2 it goes....................Piper spent the week before Christmas at my parent's house. We had a lot of fun, minus the fact that we got up to "play" at 7 am every morning. We got to play outside in the snow, help grandpa hang bird feeders and we even got to eat apples like boys....I had a good time babysitting and I think Piper had a good time too.
Nola is getting so big, she is such a little peanut! I miss her already!!!
"Super" Piper!!!!!
World's smallest and cutest santa!
All tuckered out, but it sure was fun!