Monday, March 17, 2008

This past weekend I went up north to Petoskey to visit Lance. It was still very wintery and it made me excited to go to Florida!!! I had a job interview at Northern Michigan Regional Hospital, ahhh it was kind of scary, but I think it went well. I will find out in a week if I get the job or not...pray for me! Anyway, it was great to see Lance and I am sure going to miss him the next couple of weeks while I vacation and tie up loose ends with school....oh yeah and somewhere in there I am scheduled to work...ugh. FLORIDA HERE I COME!!!!!

Here is what I wore to my interview. I had black pants on in case you can't see that. I hope it was an appropriate outfit, I had the lady at Express dress me because I tend to lack in the stylish category. Let's hope I got the job!!

This picture is for you Dad. They are ice fishing on Little Traverse Bay still. I don't know what they were catching but there we little shanties everywhere. Just a couple months till we can fire up Big Tonto!!
Frozen pier....burrrrrrrrr
Lance and I played a few rounds of ski ball at the arcade in Petoskey. I wont 3 out of 4 I got to choose the prize we got with the tickets. I got a water weeny and a bunch of stick on earrings.