Monday, November 20, 2006

Vinny is my new buddy

This past weekend I got to babysit Vinny. We had fun know bonding at 3 am outside waiting for Vinny to take a pooper. Really though, I had fun and I think Vinny is starting to like me. We went for walks, played with stinky and inky, went shopping at CVS and ate nachos together. Can't wait till Thursday to see him again. Get excited everybody....its almost Thanksgiving!!!


Vinny said...

Thanks for babysitting me and stinky! I'm sorry that I had to wake you up so you could take me out to go potty, when you got to go you got to go.

Ellings said...

now that you've mastered the art of doggie babysitter, let me know when you're ready for me to drop Piper off for the weekend. That would be great, thanks.

Adventures of Bruce & Chris said...

You are learning valuable parenting skills by taking care of Vinny! Good job Jenna.