Sunday, July 08, 2007

This year I was actually able to attend Lance's Birthday Bash on the 4th of July. It was so much fun! A bunch of his friends came and his dad went all out for it. We had a kids pool for the beer and I think the fireworks his dad lit off were better than most city fireworks!!

Here is the grand finale, he glued a bunch of stuff together and tied together the fuses.
We went to Mackinaw Island too. We planned on staying just for the day, however we got this great idea to stay the night and visit the was so fun!!! Two of lance's friends came and so did his sister.
We had to sleep in our clothes because we didnt bring anything for spending the night. We were cheap and got a single bed in the room, so Lance, me and Alexa slept next to eachother on the floor...I will never forget it!


Jayme said...

looks like a fun time! I take it that the guys who slept on the bed had to spare the pillows for the lucky ones on the floor...haa...haa..

Adventures of Bruce & Chris said...

Making memories! That's what it is all about. Glad you had a good time.