Thursday, September 06, 2007

Today when I was taking a shower I felt something rub against my leg and got totally freaked out. I looked down and here is what I saw. Smokes was not only in the shower with me, but he was actually enjoying it! He was purrring and I could tell he was totally lovin it!
Oh yes, he even likes me to shampoo him. I have come to realize that Smokes was either dropped on his head or shaken as a baby. I am sure he would have been teased if he continued to grow up in the heart of Detroit. Thank goodness for the humane society right?!?
I think he looks like Dr. Evils cat from Austin Powers the movie!
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ellinghouse said...

oh man, smokes makes me laugh!!! My cats could use a bath right now for sure. I think that's awesome.

Adventures of Bruce & Chris said...

Smokes is really a one of kind cat, got to love him!

Jayme said...

Vinny tries to get in the shower with me too.

Erin said...

i wish my brothers dog would get a bath once in a while. they stink so bad!