Tuesday, November 06, 2007

All things warm and fuzzy!

Today I am thankful for all things warm and fuzzy. I have been having a sore back lately so after my clinical today I put on my sweats, $4.00 Wal Mart slippers, fleece blanket, grabbed Smokes and crawled into bed for a little while.....it was great!!! Afterall, snowflakes were falling today..ahhh!!!
My slippers are so fuzzy that Smokes thinks I got him a friend. These "kitties" move even less than he does!!!


Jayme said...

SNOW?? yup, i am not missing that yet!

Adventures of Bruce & Chris said...

Jenna I worry about you and your back. Hope today was some what better than yesterday. I hurt when you hurt so I'm thankful your warm and fuzzies are keeping you company.