Sunday, March 15, 2009

One of my lady friends at work lives on a farm and she invited me over this weekend for a visit. I had a lot of fun and it did me good to hangout with the animals. We took her 5 dogs for a walk, a golden, a lab, a GIANT sheep dog, and two average sized mutts. They rolled in the snow, chased deer and ran through the mud. We also played with her 4 cats (Smokes would have loved it!) I didn't know there was such a pretty countryside in Petoskey.

Check out Lewis the parrot. He is so smart and loves to talk. Very neat!
Bonnie has 8 horses. I got to give them treats and such, I am going back this spring to ride them hopefully.
Saturday Lance has a basketball tournament. His team did good and I had a lot of fun sitting in the stands with the other girlfriends.

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Chris said...

This is so up your ally! Sometimes I think you should have gone to vet school. Gotta love those animals.