Wednesday, October 01, 2008

All Locked Up

The painters arrived at Mom and Dad's house on Monday which means Smokes and I have been displaced for a while. The doors to all rooms needed to be painted so I was left with no privacy and Smokes was left with free roaming of the house...thats not going to fly Smokes!!! So, in an effort to save Mom from having cat hair in her newly painted base boards Smokes has been locked up in the basement with all of the contents from the "old" house. He seems to be enjoying it and has set up a "nest" in the middle of Mom's Christmas wreath. Lovely Smokes....hey maybe while you are down there you should attempt to use that BIG yellow exercise ball.
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Betsy said...

haha i want yo cat! i love him. he's got some serious attitude plastered across his face in that pic!

Adventures of Bruce and Chris...on and off the road said...

Love you Smokes!

Jayme said...

can he come out yet?