Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Today while I was driving around with Mom we saw multiple rainbows. God could not have shown his presence at a more appropriate time. We had just finished talking about how scary the economy is and how we needed to put everything in God's hands. Thanks God, these rainbows were a huge reassurance!

These were probably some of the brightest rainbows I have ever see. They were right in our front yard.
A full rainbow at that.....there we a number of them in town Zeeland too that we saw.
Had to pull out the rain boots for this week. Bring on the rain, I am excited to use my boots!!!
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Adventures of Bruce and Chris...on and off the road said...

You sure are a "hottie" sporting those new duds! Even some big hoop earrings. Wow!

Jayme said...

are those joe jeans? pretty cute! i just love rainbows too!

Betsy said...

hott boots grlll!

The Kbelts said...

I love those boots and it was definetly a great day to use them:) You look fabulous Jenna!