Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lost Birdie

This week Dad and I paid some due attention to "Tonto" and got out on the big lake. We tried our luck at fishing, caught one salmon, however did not succeed with the perch. Don't worry though we are on a mission to find them next week. Anywho, we were about 3 miles off shore fishing and this little bird landed on our boat. He was breathing heavy and I could tell he was tired. Dad thought he lost sight of shore, got confused and landed on our boat because he was too tired to fly anymore. The little bird stayed on our boat for about 10 minutes while we drove real slow and trolled for salmon. Anyway, as soon as he spotted shore the little guy took off....I really hope he made it back to shore safely, that is a long way for such a little bird to fly.


Jayme said...

good luck with the perch this weekend. so how much mula does it cost to fill up old tonto? i think dan is going to start driving a moped to school!

Adventures of Bruce & Chris said...

Bless his (little bird) heart!