Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Today while Smokes was being naughty in the basement he stumbled upon a little friend. I am sure he had tons of fun with his newly found, much smaller friend, that is until he got a little rough with him and rendered him unconscious. He didn't kill him, but mom did. Good Job Smokes on your first mouse! Now dad even thinks you are good to have around. Now lets have a moment of silence for Smokes' poor little friend.
Smokes cleaning himself after his mouse friend was no longer any fun.
Dirty got a new bed. Smokes will not give up without a fight, even if it means having to share!


Jayme said...

sick!! i know i'm not sleeping in the basement when i come home in july now!

Erin said...

hey...this is the website that i was talking about for betsey for housing. they are full already so it wouldn't work for this summer but maybe next summer!


Erin said...


try that site too...i heard it was good.