Friday, May 30, 2008

5 Random Factoids About Myself

I was tagged by Jayme over at Bouwens House this morning to share 5 random things about me so here it goes....

5. Yesterday I cried watching Oprah as she talked about euthanizing animals at the Humane Society if they don't get adopted. The shelter that she featured kills about 16 dogs a day, simply because they can not find homes for them. The dogs were so cute and wagged their tails right up to the end (o.k. now I am going to cry again). But anyway this week I plan to visit the Humane Society in Harbor Springs and check out their pussycats. I plan to just visit and give some lovin to those poor caged up animals, but if an old grandpa cat is going to be put down just because they can't find a home I am not ruling it out that he may just find his way into my home.

4. I once told a confused elderly man that my name was that of a mean co worker just so that I didn't have to hear him calling out my name all day. I know I should probably got to H*** for that, but we all make mistakes (even though I still don't think of it necessarily as a mistake) and I think God has forgiven me. I will say that the man got very good care that day (from me) even though he thought I was somebody else. There I finally confessed that one. I feel better with that off my chest!

3. I love thunderstorms and I wish it would thunder during the Winter in Michigan.

2. I got excited when the National Spelling Bee came on tv today and yes, I am watching it right now.

1. One of my favorite things to do is go mushrooming. I think it is way more fun than going to the thrift store and you all know how much I love doing that.

There you have it, 5 random factoids all about Me! I hope you enjoyed that!!!

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Adventures of Bruce & Chris said...

Nice post. I too feel so bad for all those poor dogs and cats at the Humane Society. You know it is very dangerous to go there because you will come home with one. Be careful!