Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Petoskey living

This past weekend, I got pinned at a nursing ceremony, graduated and moved into an apartment in Petoskey. I was extremely busy, and felt like I was on a rollarcoaster of emotions. I was happy to be graduating, sad to be leaving my friends, estatic about living closer to Lance and nervous to actally have to answer "yes" to the question "are you my nurse?" But now that I am here i am excited to see where life takes me. This week I am taking some time to make my "house a home." I do not start work for another two weeks so I will be enjoying some time to myself before getting started. Here are some pictures of what the place is looking like so far.....enjoy!

The guest bedroom where I hope all of you will have the pleasure of staying sometime. Can I lure with a new mattress and some extremely comfy blankets?! And yes Dad, I will have cable hooked up when you come next time!
My bedroom. I actually have a bed frame now! I also have a dresser which is something new for me as well.
My kitchen/office. Check out the table. Now isn't that inviting?!? This room is also my office, I just couldn't resist passing up a view like that while working on the computer. I do important stuff in my office like blog and watch past episodes of the Bachelor.
My living room. Guess what is under that slip cover. I just got that plant yesterday, lets hope I don't kill it.
And finally, my view. This is by far my favorite part about the apartment. Although this camera does not do justice to the view, that is the water in front of those buildings. As I sit here and type a sea gull is flying by and I can see a boat out on the lake. If you come and visit I promise you will NOT be disappointed in my view.


Betsy De Jonge said...

awesome place jen!! i cannot wait to come visit!

Ellinghouse said...

you look so professional! I would love to visit someday.....soon?

Jayme said...

nice job on the new digs! i am excited to come visit in july hopefully!