Friday, May 16, 2008

I am in North Carolina!..Whoohoo

This weekend I am in North Carolina visiting Jayme and Dan. Today Jayme and I went shopping , with much success. I am having a great time so far and I have decided that I am a huge fan of warm weather. Good thing I just moved to Northern Michigan..right?!?Grandpa and Grandma drove me to the airport. We had a great time and laughed a lot as we had to keep circling the airport because we could not figure out exactly where the drop off zone was due to massive airport construction. But I made it safe and on time....thanks guys!!!!
Tonight we ate real southern bbq at a "hole in the wall" restaurant. I had bbq pork, macaroni, fried okra and hushpuppies. It was sooooo good and I must go back sometime. It was the kind of food I can see myself craving on a lonely night in Petoskey. Very tasty!!!!
Here I am being according to Jayme a "corny tourist" whatever!!!!!
We were invited to sign the walls at the restaurant. So we took full advantage and left our mark!!!
Jayme signing her name in the corner. Very nice!


Jayme said...

I agree...I must go back! Oh, and nice butt shot of me signing the may take that picture off any time now ;)

Betsy De Jonge said...

first off, jayme, nice a$$.
next, that food looks delish.
finally, i wish i was there.

Ellinghouse said...

wanna come play....