Saturday, January 26, 2008

Besty got some FANS!!!!

Betsy finally had some fans at her swim meet last night, and it sure paid off. She had her best meet of the year and her team beat Oakland. Lance, Alexa (his sis), Uncle Curt, Aunt Barb, Kelsey, Kristi and myself all were there to cheer her on. After the meet we went to the Harrisson Road House for dinner and it was mighty tasty! I had a lot of fun watchin my little sis kick some BOOTY!!!!! Good job Betsy!!!!!
Lance's sister Alexa attended her first swim meet ever....a bit warmer than snowboarding like she is used to.
As you can see Betsy was way excited to have us there....wish I could come every time to watch!

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Betsy De Jonge said...

thanks sooooooooo much for coming! it meant a lot:)