Friday, January 04, 2008

Dirty's New Home

Tonight will be Dirty's first night in her new home....pray that everything goes well. She seems to be doing quite well already. The ride to my apartment...3 hours, was tough for her, she cried and panted the entire way, but now she looks to be happy and at home. I am so glad she does not have to spend the winter outside and alone now. I will keep you posted on how she adjusts to life as a house kitty.


Jayme said...

hat a lucky kitty, she even has a real pink collar with her name on it!

Jayme said...

oops, i meant what

Adventures of Bruce & Chris said...

I have peace of mind now...can't thank you enough Jenna. I never thought I would like a cat so much. Post me a picture once in a while so I can see how she is doing.
Thanks again.