Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Potty in the Living Room

I recently went to visit Lance and we went over to his dad's house and found the bathroom walls knocked down and the toilet and bathtub now in the wide open living room. He is remodeling his house and figures that because he lives alone it is no big deal to leave the toilet in the living room while he rebuilds different walls. I thought this was worth blogging because it made us laugh. Some people are just more easy going than others I guess. Lets just hope dad doesnt do this to our house when he and mom decided to remodel.

Don't worry we are not really going!!!


Jayme said...

right, right...lance has the right idea, drink'n booze on the can!! Ha ha that is really funny!

Adventures of Bruce & Chris said...

I'm showing this one to dad. I guess I can put up with just about anything to get new rooms at home. Pretty funny.

emily said...

nothing like taking a dump in the living room. My kids do it all the time! So lance, I think it's a right to do it at your dad's house.