Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thanks Ernie!

Here is to a speedy recovery!

Ernie, all the way in New York City sent me this "sweet" cookie arrangement. She had me suspecting a delivery all day so I have been listening for the big brown diesel guzzling monster of a truck all day. It finally rolled up today and I was sure to send dad out to meet the guy at the front door. Due to the remodel I wanted to make sure there was no confusion ;) I think Ernie
forgot that I still have two more months of laying here...lets hope that visitors help me eat all these cookies. I think I will make them my snack during the olympics tonight..last night fruit, tonight COOKIES!!!! Thank you Erin for always being such a great support to me!!!


Designher Momma said...

looking pretty spunky there! send some of those monsters my way...

Adventures of Bruce & Chris said...

They are very tasty especially the ones with m and m's in them. Thanks Ernie!