Monday, August 11, 2008

Uncle Steve and Aunt Sue brought me this pre surgery Northern Michigan boquet of fresh wild blueberries. No pesticides here!!! Besides being pretty, they were very tasty.
Just another reason why I love Northern Michigan!


Designher Momma said...

looks good! So glad today went well thus far. We are praying SO hard for a speedy recovery!

Hopefully we will see you soon!

Dana Jae (and Eliza too!) said...

8/14/08 Jenna, I have been praying for you today. I am happy to hear that everything seems to have gone very well! Please keep us all updated!!!

wendi said...

keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

Amy said...


Hope your surgery went well. I had something similar a couple years ago on my cervical spine and have not had any problems. Good Luck and feel better! (I found your link over at Ellinghouse blog).


The Kbelts said...

Jenna I am so happy today went well for you. I prayed every chance I could get and I am glad to see you are up and walking! Way to go girl! I am going to stop by and see you this weekend so i will see you soon!

Love ya!