Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I came home from the hospital on Sunday afternoon. It was a big job getting from the 5th floor in the hospital all the way to my bedroom at home, but I did it. So far recovery has been about what I had anticipated. I am however a little more helpless that what I had expected. I feel that everything is always just a slight bit out of reach. I am able to logroll in bed and that is about it, so I sleep on my back for most of the day and night. When I do get out of bed I am able to take short walks around the house, with the help of a walker or a person to grab onto. I have been wearing my back brace at all times when I am out of bed and am finding that it is not too bad after all. Before surgery that was my big concern and now it is the least of my worries. Tonight I am going to try to take a shower!!!! (I hope it is successful, because I have never gone this long without one). Overall, everything is going as expected. The incision to my abdomen is healing and will hopefully leave only a small scar.
I have had a few visitors today and that has helped to make the day go by faster. The Bouwens Family gave me this fresh fruit arrangement (it is going to be my snack tonight during the olympics ;) Thank you to everyone for being so helpful and kind throughout this long recovery!! P.S. please excuse my nastiness in the picture, the art of showering has not yet been mastered post surgery


Jayme said...

that arrangement looks really yummy! i am glad to hear that you are doing well and that you are able to walk around a bit. hang in there and keep an ear or an eye out for a package that should arrive your way sometime really soon!

Adventures of Bruce & Chris said...

You are looking more "spunky" every day. Hang in there!